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TRC Tourism  is a private consultancy engaged by partnering NSW state government agencies of Crown Lands, Forests NSW, Fisheries NSW and National Parks & Wildlife Service to assist  with identifying recreational & tourism opportunities and development of implementation plans for delivery in the Snowy region of NSW.

Part of the process is to survey visitors and ask them about their recreational preferences to help identify opportunities and markets.  This may be for example bush walking / running, horse riding, mountain biking, 4WDing, paddling, fishing, rock climbing / abseiling, game shooting, fossicking....etc.

The survey involves collecting a name and email address from interested participants, and then the survey will be sent out electronically.

It would be important for 4wders to have some input into this survey – not just bush walkers, mountain bikers, etc

If you have visited this region sometime since last October 1st and would like to participate in this survey please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by email with your name and email address and confirm in the subject line "I have visited the Snowy Mountains since October 1st 2012”.

You will receive instructions how to complete this survey.

The NSW-ACT 4WD Association has been fielding a lot of questions on the work that we've been doing with NPWS around the drafting of a plan of management for Stockton Beach this week. We've also re-activated our facebook page so there are two areas to get information. Make sure you visit us at and hit Like!

NPWS were granted a lease over the some of Stockton Beach in 2007. A copy of the lease is available on the Worimi Conservation Lands website ( if you want to look at the details. The lease sets out the management structure for the Park, the management approach prior to the development of the plan of management and requires NPWS to develop a PoM.

We need to highlight than NPWS only have control over a limited area of the beach, and that the much of the area that is being used by commercial tour operators, and other commercial enterprises (sand mining, etc) is not under NPWS control.

The process of developing these plans normally takes several years, and once approved the plans are normally operative for 10 years. The draft plans are made available for public review and the submission of feedback prior to the plan being finalised and approved. We recognise that we need to do a better job of making people aware of these review opportunities, as many plans are developed without the necessary feedback. As an example, the plan for the Watagans that was implemented in 2010 only received a couple of submissions.

As a precursor to drafting a management plan for Stockton Beach, NPWS invited known user groups to join a consultative committee to obtain our views about future use of the area.

The committee met at Nelson Bay every two months from Dec 2010 to Nov 2011. The first and last meeting included field trips to the Park.

Member groups sitting on the committee included Worimi elders, Quad bikers group, Anna Bay resident groups, Tin City residents, NPA, Wilderness Society and the Commercial Tour Operator group, with Trevor Connell & Rob Kelly of HRFWDC representing recreational 4WDers.

To summarise our main inputs for 4WDing, we argued for:

  • Access along the entire tidal zone (swash zone and berm)
  • Camping behind the frontal dune (NPWS is thinking limited numbers and only at designated areas)
  • Shared access to the RVA area
  • Access to the high dunes where park title allows
  • Driving through the swale area on open sand (avoiding vegetation and middens)

We argued against a suggestion by NPWS that they would have to mark a particular track across the swale and up to the dune to control driving across vegetation and middens. Instead we argued that access to the dune should be across the broadest possible open area so that drivers could pick the best route to suit the conditions and minimise trail churn up. When asked why we wanted to drive up the dunes, we made the point about the excellent views to be seen from the top of the dunes, down to Newcastle and up the Hunter Valley. It was a revelation to the green members that we would actually want to see the views, and we gained support of some other groups as they too saw how they could enjoy the dunes like us. These other groups were surprised at how easily we got up there and with so little impact.

Each meeting addressed specific topics. These were:

  • 5.12.10 (Introductory meeting & WCL inspection)
  • 19.2.11 (Worimi cultural values)
  • 30.4.11 (Natural values)
  • 25.6.11 (Camping)
  • 27.8.11 (Vehicle access)
  • 29.10.11 (Commercial operations)
  • 11&12.11.11 (WCL inspection & feedback summary)

At no time was there any statement by NPWS about closure of the beach other than for temporary management of affected areas, e.g. near beach cliffs after storms, or fenced off bird nesting sites.

The draft plan of management has still not yet been made available to public, so we have not yet provided a formal written submission in response to it.

Please share this information to club members, enthusiast groups and anyone else that you think might benefit from it

Several months ago we posted on the Association site about Mark Wells (pictured below) being missing. Sadly Mark has been found deceased.

His daughter Kristen and Louise wish to invite anyone that knew Mark or that just wants to attend out of support that a Funeral Service will be held for Mark at Pinegrove Cemetery, Minchinbury at North Chapel on 22/04/2013 at 1pm.

This will be to celebrate Mark's life and to say goodbye. It would be nice to have a full chapel as Louise didn't know many of his friends.