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All for the Kids - Camp Quality

Saturday 25 August 2018 saw Port Hunter 4x4 Club once again supporting a magnificent charity through the long-standing tradition of the Port Hunter Camp Quality Ball.

Whilst many of the members put their pride to one side as they dressed up for the 70s and 80s disco themed event, others just raided their wardrobes, allowing them to reminisce about times long past. Others went to great lengths with flares and wigs, but none could come close to one lovely member, and British expat, who arrived in her sparkly one-piece jumpsuit and the Vice-President’s wife in her mini dress and knee high boots, although the John Travolta lookalike did his very best to outdo them.

Whilst numbers were down on previous years’ attendances, that did not detract from the fun and frivolity had by all! Thanks to some passionate DJ’ing and the playing of classical tunes like Night Fever and YMCA, a great many of those in attendance got up and boogied the night away, in fact, the President even threw the walking stick away and got into the funky chicken!

For the past few months, the chief ball coordinators, Deb and Tony Dates (but mainly Deb) have been harassing, cajoling and just plain annoying people into supporting this worthy cause. Additionally, the Vice-President submitted a grant request to the NSW/ACT Four Wheel Drive Association to the sum of $1000 to offset the costs of catering and provision of prizes. To our pleasant surprise, the grant was approved for the full amount! (I say in surprise as we had never asked for support before and it was very quickly forthcoming). 

This very needed grant, combined with gracious catering donations from Meals on Wheels, who provided their services at a reduced cost and Thompson Pies who catered for the younger folk went a long way to making the night a success.

 A movie was put on for those not into Disco, courtesy of the NSW/ACT Association Trailer, and even Mother Nature came to the party with some rain. A great many prizes were made available to raffle off from club members and businesses, ensuring that almost all present went home with at least one prize from the $2 raffle.

Attendees participated in the “Toss the Coin” event vying for a bottle of Black Douglas Scotch Whisky, however, with the reigning champion present, no one else stood a chance. The highlight of the night was the very spirited auction for an Aerobatics flight kindly donated by Aero Hunter up at Rutherford. Three major players were involved in this energetic bidding war egged on by a very experienced, and passionate Auctioneer. Bids started off on a low of only $50 which exponentially increased to $200 putting the Vice-President quickly outside his budget and out of the game. Just as we all thought the bidding was slowing a heated duel ensued with our resident DJ outclassing everyone with a winning bid of $425!

Deb and Tony Dates, you should feel proud of your achievements. Your passion and drive have been instrumental in making the 2018 Port Hunter Camp Quality Ball a huge success, but more importantly, the money you have raised will significantly contribute to the Camp Quality kids. None of this would have been possible at all without the special support from our sponsors, so a  very big thanks goes out to them. Without your support Deb and Tony and Port Hunter could not achieve what they have.

Port Hunter 4x4 Club would particularly like to thank the following organisations: NSW/ACT Four Wheel Drive Association - ARB - Bunnings - MDC - All Four x 4 Spares - National Australia Bank - Thompson Pies - Meals on Wheels - Maryland Tavern - Colliery Inn - Fire Station Hotel -The Shaft Tavern - Minmi Pub - Aero Hunter Adventure Flights.








This support enabled Port Hunter 4x4 Club to raise a whopping $3,300 which, when added to the cheque presented earlier in the year equates to $3,800 donated to Camp Quality Newcastle this year alone. A great effort all round by Port Hunter and it truly shows the community spirit that resides within the club and the wider Association!

By Jamie Purdon Vice-President Port Hunter 4x4 Club