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Graffiti Clean Up - Lost City

CWF 4WD Club gave up a lazy Sunday at home with the kids to clean up mess left by others. It's important to do this quickly because if left, others with add their "tags" to it.

Club members brought rags, brushes, buckets and carted up the water to clean the orange paint left behind by selfish people. Our clubs promote "leave nothing behind" philosophy.

Doing this teaches our children to be better than the people that left the orange paint. The Lost City is a beautiful area on the Newnes Plateau that is there for us all to enjoy. 

We, as an Association believe that there is room for all recreations within our Parks and Forests. We just need to be respectful of our environment and other users. To this end as club members that care for our community, where we can safely do so, we take out rubbish that is not our own. We will leave a clean and tidy campsite behind us and be respectful of other users. When we are confronted with damage made by others we will do what we can to remedy that situation in consultation with the land holder. Graffiti and campsite restorations are an example of this.