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Bouddi National Park

Other planned events: 1080 wild dog/fox baiting program underway
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service is running a 1080 wild dog/fox baiting program in Bouddi National Park from Friday 1 June until Wednesday 25 July 2018. The following tracks and trails will be affected:
  • Bombi Moor trail
  • Mourawaring trail
  • Tallow Beach trail
  • MacMasters Ridge trail
  • North West Ridge trail
  • Daleys Point trail
This program is part of a broader coordinated control program to mitigate the impacts of foxes on stock and wildlife. If you'd like to become involved in the cooperative program, please contact Hunter Local Land Services on 1300 795 299.
Domestic pets (including dogs) are not permitted in national parks or reserves. Neighbours and park users are reminded that 1080 baits are lethal to domestic pets. All areas will have 1080 baiting signs up at access points to the baited areas. In the event of accidental poisoning, seek immediate veterinary assistance.
For further information, contact the NPWS Central Coast area office on (02) 4320 4200.

Closed areas: Old Wagstaffe trail
There is no public access available through private property to Old Wagstaffe trail. Signs indicate where public access is not permitted. Penalties apply for non-compliance For more information, please contact the NPWS Hawkesbury North area office on (02) 4320 4200 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.