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Kangaroo River Nature Reserve

Other planned events: 1080 fox and wild dog baiting program underway
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service is conducting a 1080 fox and wild dog baiting program in the Kangaroo Valley, Budgong and Illaroo areas for the protection of the endangered brush-tailed rock-wallaby. The baiting is happening on various private properties, council reserves, NPWS estate, Water NSW estate and vacant Crown land.
All properties with 1080 baiting under this program are permanently baited throughout the year. These properties will have poison on them from Friday 15 December 2017 through to Saturday 30 June 2018. The baiting will be conducted using both 1080 buried baits and 1080 (above ground) ejector devices at the bait station locations.
Do not touch any bait or ejector devices. All properties being baited are sign-posted with the baiting dates and information about the baiting methods being used on each property. Dog owners are reminded to ensure their dogs do not wander, because dogs are highly susceptible to 1080 poisoning. Visit the Friends of the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby website to see a map of the approximate location of each bait station.
For further information please contact Melinda Norton at the NPWS Highlands area office at Fitzroy Falls on (02) 4887 8244.