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Malabar Headland National Park

Safety alerts: Malabar Headland rifle range operation schedule
To ensure public safety, the eastern section of Malabar Headland National Park is closed to the public during ANZAC Rifle Range operations.
These closures may occur with little or no notice. Check the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service alerts for Malabar Headland National Park before you enter.
Do not enter the eastern section of the park when red flags are flying above the range or if there are warning signs at the park entry points (South Maroubra Beach and Fishermans Road carpark). These closures also apply to Boora Point walking track.
Range scheduling information is provided by the NSW Rifle Association (the range authority).
The eastern section of Malabar Headland National Park is always closed on Saturdays and every 3rd Sunday of the month. From Sunday 1 July 2018, the eastern section of Malabar Headland National Park will also be closed every 1st Sunday of the month. It is also closed on the following date:
  • Wednesday 13 June 2018
These closures do not apply to Western Escarpment walking track.
To contact the ANZAC Rifle Range, call (02) 9661 4532.
To contact the NPWS area office, email the Environment line or call (02) 9337 5511.
Visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.