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South East Forests National Park

Other planned events: 1080 ground baiting program
NPWS will be conducting a 1080 ground baiting program for dogs and foxes, starting on or shortly after Monday 14 May 2018. The program concludes on Friday 28 September 2018, and will take place in the following parks:
  • South East Forests National Park
  • Bondi Gulf Nature Reserve
  • Coolumbooka Nature Reserve
1080 poison is harmful to domestic dogs. 1080 baiting signs will be placed at every entrance in or out of the reserve.
For further information, please contact the NPWS Bombala area office on (02) 6458 5900.

Other planned events: 1080 baiting - fox control
Each month NPWS checks and replenishes buried 1080 baits along fire trails and some beaches in these parks. The program is ongoing and is part of the NPWS FoxTap program. Foxes are controlled to assist in recovery of native species. For further information please phone the NPWS Merimbula office on (02) 6495 5001.