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Stormpetrel Nature Reserve

Other planned events: Aerial spraying operations
NPWS will be conducting a helicopter herbicide spraying operation between Monday 14 May and Friday 27 July 2018. The operation involves the spraying of Metsulfuron methyl 600WGis for the control of bitou bush. The spraying will be carried out in the following areas:
  • Broughton Island, Myall Lakes National Park
  • Stormpetrel Nature Reserve (north Rock and Inner Rock)
  • Little Broughton Island Nature Reserve 
For public safety, treatment areas will be closed during spraying. Temporary closures will occur on the day of spraying when weather conditions are suitable. NPWS staff will be present during the helicopter spray operation. Please ensure you adhere to all warning signage and directions of NPWS staff. For more information please contact NPWS Nelson Bay area office on (02) 4984 8200.
Flying of drones in closed areas during aerial spraying operations is prohibited.