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Our needs as road, track and trail users are rarely considered by those who draft legislation, change regulations or implement road safety campaigns. If we don't work at maintaining and improving legislation, regulations and campaigns, you will find that united we drive, divided we walk or drive 2WD vehicles.

Recreational four wheel driving benefits tourist destinations and local communities.
The benefits of 4WD touring is massive in terms of both financial and environmental rewards. For example:

  • Regional tourism and businesses benefit significantly from recreational 4WD touring.
  • The environmental impacts on our precious State Forests and National Parks would be significantly reduced with designated and dedicated one-way tracks designed for vehicles of all abilities, thus offering drivers and riders a legal alternative to unsuitable trails.
  • It is clear that enforcement has, and will continue to fail, so it is incumbent upon the NSW state government to act in a positive and pro-active manner in this regard.
  • 4WD NSW & ACT believes education, consultation and co-operation are the keys to a sustainable and economically beneficial recreational use of lands to support the growing tourism market.
  • The Victorian approach of encouraging responsible and economically sustainable use of state lands by 4WDers is an example to all states that has demonstrated economic benefits to local communities and the improved viability of access and maintenance of management and fire trails across the state. As a result of this enlightened approach the tourism dollar has flowed to their towns embracing recreational 4WDers. With regional economies struggling in NSW, 4WDers would flock to areas that offered good 4WDing, accompanied by good facilities and a welcoming attitude. We encourage the NSW government to boost its economy by supporting responsible 4WDing.

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