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AON - Insurance FAQs

1. What activities should I advise 4WD NSW/ACT of?
All activities your organisation and members carry out, including fundraising, shows, events etc.

2. What about new activities or a change in activities?
These should be advised to 4WD NSW/ACT to advise Aon.

3. What does the Public Liability policy cover me for?
The policy covers all sums for which you become legally liable to pay to third parties as compensation for personal injury and/ or property damage caused by an occurrence in connection with your organisation/member activities. The policy should cover all activities of the organisation/members including those of volunteers.

4. What does Protector/Association Liability policy cover me for?
Cover for your organisation's directors, officers and bearers for legal obligations arising from their duties. It also protects your organisation against alleged wrongful acts and extends to employment practices liability and fidelity.

5. Why do we need Protector/Association Liability policy?
A director, officer or bearer of your NFP in carrying out their normal duties, may receive an allegation of wrongdoing. So too, may paid staff or volunteers as part of the daily running of the organisation, for example, when giving advice via the phone, your website or marketing material. That’s why our Protector/Association Liability will help cover the organisation and the individual.

6. What does Volunteer Personal Accident cover me for?
Covers all club volunteers, members and their registered visitors; along with all associated office bearers and officials of the Policyholder for accidental injury or death whilst carrying out club sanctioned activities as per policy terms and conditions.

7. In the event of a claim, can I admit liability?
No matter how minor an accident, in the event of a claim or incident that may lead to a claim no liability should be admitted. It is most important that no admission of liability, either verbally or in writing, be made as this constitutes a breach of policy conditions and may prejudice acceptance of the claim or the claim settlement.

8. Do you require a list of all our volunteers/members?
4WD NSW/ACT requires a list of club names and total number of members involved with the organisation in a year.

9. What if our circumstances change from those originally declared?
If you merge with or takeover an organisation, or change your activities, i.e. organise an event, add additional activities, etc, you must advise 4WD NSW/ACT to advise Aon to ensure cover is extended to cover these activities.

10. We are fully insured, why do we need risk management?
Insurance is only one way to manage the risks facing an organisation. It may not be the best way of managing a risk because:
a. it may cost much more than other ways of controlling risk.
b. it does not achieve the preferred outcome (preventing harm), it only compensates after the event/injury.
c. it may not cover all risks and may be capped to a ceiling.
d. Insurance policies have exclusions which risk management needs to factor in.

11. Why do volunteers/members need to be part of our risk management plan?
A 4WD group is responsible for the actions of its volunteers/members and paid staff. Inappropriate volunteer behaviour can seriously harm and prevent a 4WD organisation from achieving its mission. Volunteers/members, like employees, are a valuable resource to your organisation and should be part of any risk management system. Including volunteers/members in your risk management system will help protect both your organisation and your volunteers/members. There are also various volunteer protection Acts that do not lessen the need for appropriate risk management strategies.
Several Laws such as work health safety and occupational health and safety impose requirements for training both staff and volunteers.

12. What are some common mistakes in risk management plans?
a. they are formally prepared, but never implemented or regularly revised.
b. they cover the risk that are easy to treat and leave the difficult risks untreated.
c. they rely too heavily on insurance as a strategy.
d. they assume the organisation’s insurance covers risks that it does not.
e. the risk management plan is not amended when insurance policies alter or new activities begin.

13. Wouldn’t it be easier just to copy another organisation’s risk management plan?
4WD organisations are diverse, even within the same sector. A risk management plan will be quite different even for similar organisations because of variables such as size, organisational culture, property ownership and leadership. You are far more likely to identify all of the risks relating to your organisation by working through the process of planning your own risk management strategy, than by just blindly copying another organisation’s work. An understanding of what risk management means and an ownership of strategy to protect and enhance the mission of your organisation are essential.

14. How are volunteers/members covered for accidental injury?
Apart from Medicare, the only other cover available is Voluntary Workers Personal Accident. These policies can be extended to cover unpaid members of organisations
If injured by third party’s liability policies may then be involved where volunteers could sue for the negligent injury.

15. How do I cover one day events?
These can be an extension to your existing 4WD NSW/ACT Public Liability policy if it is a sanctioned event by 4WD NSW/ACT. If you are holding an event which involves members of the public and not just 4WD NSW/ACT members and their guests, you will need to take out additional one-off event Public Liability coverage. A one-off event declaration form is required to be completed.

16. Can I Insure Market Stalls?
These can be added to your existing policy or one-off cover provided.

17. Does our policy have an age limit?
The only policy that usually has an age limit is Voluntary Workers Personal Accident and travel policies. Your Voluntary Workers Personal Accident policies has “nil” age limitations but beware as coverage is still only for volunteers/members and the volunteers/members must be able to take direction/orders from the organisation and work independently. All policy terms and conditions still apply.

18. Are volunteers/members covered at events?
Coverage should be provided through Public Liability and Voluntary Workers Personal Accident for authorised 4WD events.

19. What insurance cover does 4WD organisations need?
As a member organisation of 4WD NSW and ACT if you have elected to take insurance cover you are automatically covered for Public Liability, Volunteer Personal Accident & Protector/Association Liability.
Each organisation may require different insurances due to their risks and the activities they provide. To assist with deciding what insurances you may need, it is recommended you use our Insurance Puzzle Solver or speak to one of our brokers.

20. What are the benefits of using Aon NFP team for my insurance needs?
Aon is one of Australia’s largest brokers and has been working with NFPs and charities for over 30 years. We have a team of dedicated brokers who can tailor insurances for risks commonly found in your industry.

21. How can I make a claim?
To make a claim on your policy contact 4WD NSW/ACT directly to discuss the incident so it can be notified to Aon for review.

22. When do I receive my Certificate of Currency?
You will receive your Certificate of Currency automatically in July once issued by AON.