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AON - Club Insurance

If you need detailed information about the insurances we hold with AON you can download it below.

Volunteer Workers Personal Accident 2021/22

Association Liability 2021/22

General & Public Liability 2021/22

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions.

Certificates of Currency are sent automatically to clubs when they are received from AON.

If you need coverage for a special event please complete this form HERE and return it to the above email address, it will be forwarded to AON for a quote or for inclusion under the umbrella coverage of 4WD NSW/ACT.

Definition Of A Member For Insurance Purposes

What is a member ? How do I calculate how much I should pay ?
Members are anyone who has paid their membership fees, this also includes their “registered” visitors.

So the definition of a member is - The people that are considered by your club to form “ a membership” made up of adults, children or visitors.

So your insurance premium is based on the “number of memberships” that are paid to your club. Not the amount of people who are covered under that membership.

* Life memberships should be counted as a paid membership.