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Convoy Procedure

When travelling with your club, you will MOST COMMONLY be travelling in convoy. It is very important that CONVOY PROCEDURE is followed at ALL TIMES.

* When you arrive at a meeting point, you will often form up into a convoy in the order of arrival at the meeting point. The trip leader will typically lead the convoy, and the first/next vehicle to arrive at the meeting point will go second, and so on and so forth.

A trip leader MAY ELECT to differ from this protocol for one of many good reasons, such as to maximise control or communication. The trip leader WILL make all drivers aware of their position in the convoy before leaving.

* The LAST person to arrive at the meeting point will usually be responsible for writing the trip report and submitting it to the editor or secretary of the club.

* Communications during the trip will typically be on your club’s UHF channel, however convoy procedure can be followed regardless of the ability to communicate on the radio.

* All vehicles shall REMAIN in the given position in the convoy and MUST INFORM the trip leader if they leave the convoy. Remember the vehicle in front of and behind you and ensure that you retain this position.

* EACH VEHICLE is responsible for the vehicle DIRECTLY behind them in the convoy. As much as possible, you should be able to keep this vehicle in view. If you feel that you have not seen this vehicle for longer than average time, STOP and wait for the vehicle to catch up.

* STOP and wait at EVERY intersection, you must indicate the direction that you will be proceeding off in.

* DO NOT move off from the intersection until the vehicle behind you indicates that they have seen you (usually by using indicators) where they will again wait for the next vehicle. Again this is VERY IMPORTANT to ensure all vehicles proceed in the correct direction.

*  LEADER of the convoy will normally announce all track deviations as they proceed (on UHF), but again convoy procedure still works without UHF communication. The LAST VEHICLE in the convoy (Tail End Charlie) will also announce when he has passed specific locations indicating the length of the convoy to the lead vehicle.

*  If the vehicle ahead of you stops for ANY REASON, you will stop and wait behind them until they are ready to proceed. In the event of a “call of nature” , the car ahead of you may request that the convoy behind them stops (to maintain some privacy), and will again announce they are moving again for you to proceed.

* With all gates, you shall LEAVE AS FOUND. The trip leader will announce any gates that are passed and the state that it is found in (open or closed) and instruct Tail End Charlie on how to leave this gate.

* It is the responsibility of each driver to ensure the PREVIOUS vehicle has CLEARED an obstacle before proceeding themselves. (e.g only one vehicle at a time in a river crossing, mud hole or steep section of a hill)

* By definition, a convoy will only travel as fast as the SLOWEST vehicle.

* If for ANY REASON you need to deviate from or leave the convoy, you must inform the trip leader and ENSURE that they acknowledge this information. The vehicles immediately in front of and behind you should also be informed.

* Advise the trip leader & all participants of any medical/allergy issues they may need to know about you or your family members (eg peanut allergies).

* If you have any questions or queries, contact the trip leader.