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Coolah - Adopt A Town

In 2018 Four Wheel Drive NSW and ACT Incorporated chose Coolah NSW for its Adopt-A Town project. At that time, members of the public were focused on the longest drought we had battled in recent history. Trucks loaded with hay were being donated to farms across the state and people thought of many ways to help. The committee of 4WD NSW ACT, discussed donating a truck load of hay but decided it was not enough. Many of our members were directly affected by the drought and if not themselves personally, their families that lived in country areas.

Coolah had suffered a bit more than most because of the terrible fires prior to the drought.  It was for this reason that we chose Coolah to be the focus of our assistance.

We booked the showground for a catered dinner and disco, asked our members to buy a ticket for themselves and another ticket to shout a local to attend for free. 

The weekend in February 2019 was a huge success and it is estimated that our Association and the members from 23 clubs that attended with empty fuel tanks, empty eskies, and money to spend on helping the town contributed more than $50 000 to the economy of Coolah.

We were made to feel very welcome and we promised that this event would not be the last. We made a commitment to come back soon and continue our support.

The drought has broken in Coolah, it passed like all things do. It was then followed closely by Covid 19 in 2020 and then the great mouse plague of 2021.

Coolah wasn't the only town to suffer, but it is "our town". So more plans were made, our return visit in June 2021 was in the form of a Camp Oven Cook Off for members. It was a laid back casual affair that helped pump more money into the struggling town. 

To this day as our members venture out on Four-wheel drive trips and camping holidays they detour to Coolah and stop for a pie and coffee, to fill up with fuel or a counter lunch at the pub.