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Driver Training Unit - MOU

Four Wheel Drive NSW & ACT Inc. (the Association) has been a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for some time, but as with a majority of volunteer organisations, managing the RTO was a task taken on by a few dedicated and hard working individuals who had to give up a good amount of their time to ensure that the RTO ran correctly and efficiently. Increasingly, as RTO management became more and more complex, the Association sought an external agency with RTO expertise to assist with the management of their RTO.

Getabout 4WD Adventures Pty Ltd, trading as Getabout Training Services, (Getabout) has had a very well established friendship with the Association for many years, and having successfully operated a specialist 4WD training RTO for the past 20 years, it soon became obvious that they should be selected to assist the Association with the management of their RTO.

As of the 1st July 2017, the agreement was operational and Getabout began underwriting the Nationally recognised training being delivered by the Association. Although the benefits of this agreement are substantial, essentially the key benefits are; The Association will continue with their own RTO, as it increases their political standing, and to maintain their own RTO status there will be a few certificates issued from that RTO each year.

* Getabout will maintain all the RTO records for the Association on an ongoing basis.
* Getabout will issue all Nationally recognised certificates on behalf of the Association.
* Getabout will continue to liaise with the Association instructor network to develop best practice 4WD training techniques.
* There will be an annual instructor development program established, to ensure all instructors are up to date with current training strategies and vehicle technologies.
* The Association has access to all RTO records as required.
* This agreement will reduce the volunteer workload required by the association.