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First Aid Training

First Aid Courses
The courses are being run in various areas across ACT, NSW and SEQ all throughout the year. We need 20 for a class, so if your club has 20 people (or close to it) email me and I will organise a date for your members to do it all together at a location that suits you. We will start with the Provide First Aid HLTAID003 and then follow that up with Remote First Aid in stage two. 

Remote Courses are an add-on and need to be done within 6 months of doing the HLTAID003 so be aware of that when you start planning your training.

A big thank you to ARB for partnering with us on this project. With their help we have been able to include the ARB snake bite kit for the first 100 participants. 

Courses are $145 and will be made available on the benefits website for booking.

Let me know where you want the next course to be I am happy to book it wherever you need it to be.

Maggie Thomas