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Forestry Corp Update Covid-19

Closure of camping and picnic areas

Areas that will close

  • From Friday 27 March, campgrounds and picnic areas in State forests where large groups can congregate will close until further notice. These closures are in place indefinitely.

Area that will remain open

  • Walking tracks and low-traffic open spaces will remain open where possible to accommodate people exercising.

Frequently asked questions

On what authority was this decision made?

This is a decision made by the NSW Government, which is enforceable by law. There is a compulsory public health order which we are required to follow.

Does this mean I can’t go to any State forests now?

State forests are not closing, but we are closing areas where there is a higher risk of large groups of people sharing facilities. Activities like walking can still be undertaken while still practicing social distancing.

Can I leave some of my belongings here and come back later?

No. You must take all of your belongings (including any rubbish) with you.

How will I know when the situation goes back to normal (or becomes more restrictive)?

The best source of information will be the website. You can also check our facebook page.

I want to see the public health order. Where can I find it?

If you google “Government Gazette Number 57 2020" you will find it.

What is happening on other public land?

In response to COVID-19, the National Parks and Wildlife Service is closing all campgrounds and more visitor centres, cafes and high visitation areas as at 26 March 2020. More detail is here.

What does this mean for events or activities under permit?

If the event or activity was to take place in a campground or picnic area, it will not be able to go ahead at this time as these areas are closed.

All existing permit holders have been advised that their events and activities must comply with any public health direction related to COVID-19.

What about forests still closed after the fires?

Forests that are already closed due to fire impacts remain closed. Check here for a list of closures related to fires.

For more information about COVID-19 in NSW and how to protect yourself and the community, please visit the NSW Health website.