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How do I pick the right club?

How to find the right club for you.

Think about your situation, are you single, a couple with kids, a couple with no kids? Do you want to do hard 4WD driving, touring, long trips or weekend getaways? Just because you have a particular make of car doesn't mean you are limited to the matching club. Most clubs will accept any vehicle. Find a club that mirrors your family situation, your interests and your location. Meetings are worth attending so pick a club that meets at a time and location that suits you.

Most clubs will allow you to attend a meeting to get a feel for it before you join. Some will even allow you to go on a trip or two. Just ask when you make contact what they can offer. Try out a few before you decide.

All clubs that are affiliated with 4WD NSW/ACT Inc are incorporated and insured. So you have peace of mind when participating in club trips and events.

Find the Right Club

Some questions to ask when you make the initial inquiry.

Can I attend a meeting to get a feel for the club before I commit to membership?

Can I go on a trip before I join up?

Does the club offer training?

Is the club family friendly?

What vehicle will the Club accept?

Do I need a low range gear box?

How many trips does the Club run in a month?