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Info for Clubs Processing CVS applications


For Clubs – How to handle classic vehicle scheme applications.

The member should fill in sections 1 and 2 of the Classic Vehicle Declaration (Transport NSW No.1835).

Please do not fill in or sign section 3 of that form. This is for the ACMC to fill in and sign as they are your approved organisation and the authorised person.

No signature is required only the club stamp.

The primary club, i.e., your club, should simply stamp the lower right hand box to signify that the applicant is a financial member of your club, and their vehicle is

  • Under 3500kg
  • over 30 years old (year of manufacture)

Without that stamp the form cannot be processed. The stamp should be legible. 

Your club stamp should include this information:

  • Club name
  • Incorporation Number
  • Logo (optional)
  • Address 

Once the form has been stamped, simply return the form to the member and they will take the next step.

It is important that your club process the paperwork quickly as a blue slip is only valid for 42 days.

The applicant then sends the ORIGINAL Classic Vehicle Declaration (No.1835) filled in as above, a COPY of the pink or blue slip with payment to the ACMC for processing.