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Jaffle Iron Filling Ideas

Download the PDF for this recipe HERE

The humble jaffle is much more than bread and a can of spaghetti these days. I’m sure you’ve all tried the classic spaghetti jaffle, or even mixed it up a bit by adding baked beans instead! 

Jaffles are one of the easiest meals to make whilst camping. Nothing beats the taste of freshly toasted campfire jaffles.

Beaut Breakie Jaffle - bread, bacon, egg, grated cheese, sliced tomato, sauce.

Best Ever Beans 4 Kids - bread, baked beans, shredded ham, grated cheese,
pineapple pieces

Italiano Pizza Parcel - bread, shredded ham, salami, sliced red capsicum, baby spinach leaves, sliced black olives, mozzarella cheese


Feelin’ Fishy - bread, tinned tuna, whole egg mayo, sliced spring onion, grated cheese

Cheesymite Jaffle - bread, Vegemite, grated cheese

Choco-Nana Jaffle - bread, chocolate spread, sliced banana, shredded coconut, dust with icing sugar

Jaffle Berry Bliss  - raisin bread, strawberries, blueberries, white choc drops, cream cheese, maple syrup to serve

Apple Pie Jaffle - puff pastry, pie apples, cinnamon sugar, cream to serve






A few tips to remember:  Spray or grease the jaffle first. Don’t overfill your jaffle.
The contents will be hot.  Courtesy Camp Oven Cook