Jamboree website has been renamed to benefits.4wdnow.com

Limited Slip Riff 4WD Club Inc

Post Address: 15 Grandview Street, South Penrith NSW 2750

Contact Number: 0414 921 795

Contact E-mail: limitedslipriff4wdclub@bigpond.com

President: Rob Hansen limitedslipriff4wdclub@bigpond.com

Secretary: Chelly Hoare  limitedslipriff4wdclub@bigpond.com

Treasurer: Kristen Hansen limitedslipriff4wdclub@bigpond.com

Matthew Ryder  limitedslipriff4wdclub@bigpond.com

Jim Skinner limitedslipriff4wdclub@bigpond.com

Meeting Place: Penrith Bowling and Recreation Club at 3.30 pm till 5 pm first Sunday of every month.

Please visit our Facebook page for more details and feel free to contact us via Facebook if you wish @ www.facebook.com/limitedslipriff4wdclub