Jamboree website has been renamed to benefits.4wdnow.com

Lismore District 4x4 Club Inc

Post Address: TBA

Contact Number: 0411 838 606

Contact Email:  info@lismoredistrict4x4.org 

President: Luke Jones  president@lismoredistrict4x4.org 

Secretary:  James Hamer  secretary@lismoredistrict4x4.org 

Treasurer: Hollie Johnston treasurer@lismoredistrict4x4.org


Jacob Haryey publicofficer@lismoredistrict4x4.org 

Rian McFadden vicepresident@lismoredistrict4x4.org 

Meeting Place: East Lismore Bowling Club. Last Wednesday of every month, 6.30 pm for dinner and the meeting starts at 7.30pm.