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Member Benefits

Association membership provides the following benefits to member clubs and their members:

1. Representation & Recognition

Recognition of 4WD NSW & ACT as the peak user group representing organised 4WD clubs to:

National, State and Industry Organisations

Representation to legislators against changes to regulations many of which are dealt with at state and national levels in conjunction with industry bodies and other concerned groups, without troubling members. These include:

  • Vehicle modifications standards and processes (VSI50, VSB14, VSB09)
  • Australian Design Rules (ADRs)
  • Australian National Safety Organisations
  • Changes to UHF radios and EPIRBS

To achieve this the Association works with the following organisations:

  • Four Wheel Drive Australia (4WD Australia) and each state 4WD Association
  • Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs (ACMC) membership
  • Australian 4WD Industry Council
  • Australian Aftermarket Accessories Association (including ARB, ECB, TJM etc)
  • NSW Department of Roads and Maritime Services
  • Australian Qualifications Framework
  • Australian Skills Quality Authority and many more
Land Managers and Owners

Representation to land managers to maintain access rights for you

  • As far afield as the Canning Stock Route as evidenced by the permit system
  • MOU with NPWS and Forests NSW and Lands NSW documenting our right to access
  • National track classification scheme ( to guide the use and maintenance of tracks)
  • Membership of regional advisory committees of land management agencies
  • Consultation on Draft Plans of Management
  • 4WD Consultative Group comprising 4WD NSW & ACT and NSW Government bodies
  • Environment, Climate Change & Water
  • National Parks & Wildlife Service
  • Forests NSW
  • Land & Property Management Authority
  • Traditional land owners 

2. Insurance

Club level

Incorporated clubs must have insurance to cover:

  • Public Liability risk
  • Special Event & Voluntary Workers insurance
  • Executive officer indemnity

Non-member clubs are ineligible to receive the coverage offered under our Insurance with AON . This insurance is specifically tailored to meet the needs of 4WD clubs and offered at a substantially discounted rate compared with other public liability type insurances available commercially. The per capita cost to member clubs for $20M is just $8.00 compared to $14 - $20 if not affiliated.

Individual level

Access to member specific coverage anywhere anytime even on unformed trails through 5 specialised insurance covers to meet member needs with discounts for multiple policies.

  • 4WD Motor, and Camping Equipment.
  • Camper Trailer
  • Home and Contents covers being:
  • Accidental Damage and Listed Events
  • 2WD Motor, Caravan, Holiday Home & Boat

The coverage under this scheme is

  • The best and most comprehensive off-road coverage
  • Covered anywhere anytime
  • You speak to a person experienced in 4WDing not an office clerk
  • Members must identify themselves as financial club members to gain the discount premiums
  • Membership is checked.

Clubs receive a small commission paid quarterly on any insurance policies taken out by their members. 

3. Member Training (MTEC and DTU)

As an RTO the Association works to train all members of clubs in vehicle handling and safety. Driver training is a major component of this and can be delivered to nationally accredited standards. The Driver Training Unit (DTU) is staffed by competent and accredited Trainers and Assessors (Certificate IV in Training & Assessment costs $4000 subsidised by the Association) who volunteer their time to educate and support member clubs. The Members Training and Education Committee (MTEC) also offers discounted or subsidised training in first aid, chain saw use, track classification whenever possible.

Member clubs have access to the Eastern Creek Training Centre (increasingly valuable as it is developed). 

4. Membership Stickers

On payment of affiliation fees clubs will be provided with the following:

  • Two large Association emblems to place on their club banners to show affiliation
  • An electronic copy of the Association emblem to be placed on the club website
  • An Association windscreen sticker for each member. This is renewed annually. 

5. Access to NSW State Forests

Under the MOU with NSW Forests access fees are paid by the Association annually to NSW Forests. This cost is covered as part of club affiliation fees. Without this club trips would need to meet the cost of $100 trip registration fee plus $4.00 per person participating. 

6. Website and Forum

This is provided to members of all affiliated clubs so that they can access Association documents concerning them and their clubs and to facilitate the exchange of news and ideas.
Member clubs are offered the opportunity to have their sites co-hosted to save costs. 

7. Four wheel Drive and Adventure show

Website -

The Association runs its own four wheel drive show especially for member clubs to promote our family friendly, environmentally sensitive activities to the wider community. Member clubs are entitled to a show space at no charge to promote themselves.