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Perfect Cracking In A Camp Oven

Download the PDF for this recipe HERE

Do you know how to get perfect crackling for your roast pork? It works every time!

Follow this simple step by step guide to help you  master roast pork in the camp oven!

Preheat your camp oven. Just place the camp oven next to the fire. Just remember to rotate it so that it does not get hot spots.

Prepare meat. Washed it under cold water and dry with paper towel. Oil it, and cover in salt then placed into the camp oven. Have an aluminium tray sitting on a trivet ready.

The important step to get the perfect crackling  in the camp oven!

Because of moisture in the camp oven, the key  is to crack the lid for the entire cooking process.

For the first 20 minutes place double the amount of coals on top, then continue to cook as normal.

Crack the lid using a piece of wire, in this case, a cut up coat hanger. Place it under the lid for the entire cooking process, this will allow the steam
to escape and help create the perfect crackling.

Courtesy Camp Oven Cook