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Review, Compliance & Governance Panel (RCGP)

The Review, Compliance and Governance Panel (RCGP) was created at the May 2021 Quarterly General Meeting to provide oversight of the third-party provided office function of the Association. The panel is a sub-committee and reports to the Association Committee and updates members at Quarterly meetings and via newsletters.

RCGP Members.
Delegate Members: Barry Caudle (Chair) Kevin Phillips, David Wellham
Executive Members: Rollanda Rosenstrauss, Robert Matysiak

Maggie Thomas from Clever has been appointed ‘ex officio’ member as she assists the panel to document the scope of work that the office function provides to the Association.

Tender Documents
Request for Proposal
EOI Form
Process Documents
Tasks and Related Skills
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Monthly Report (KPIs)

Office Function Contractor Service Agreement/Contract

The Service Agreement/Contract is ‘Commercial in Confidence’.

If you require a copy of this document please have your Club Secretary email a request to the RCGP.

The email address reaches all members of the panel. 

Please contact the panel if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, complaints, compliments or can offer any assistance.