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Shooters Fishers Farmers Dungog Meet 2021

On Sunday the 9th of May 2021, a meeting at Dungog RSL was held before the Upper Hunter By-Election to discuss a number of issues affecting 4WDers within the Region.

Present at the Meeting were Mark Banasiak MP (Upper House) SFF, Sue Gilroy SFF Candidate, Stephen Bowler SFF, Holli Thomas SFF, Gillian Pritchard SFF and Nadrra Sarkis SFF.

Craig Thomas President 4WD NSW & ACT, Maggie Thomas 4WD NSW & ACT, Upper Hunter Branch of 4WD NSW & ACT, Badger 4x4.

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party met with 4WD NSW ACT and the Upper Hunter Branch of 4WD NSW & ACT about how we can help them to continue participating in the activity they love, and that supports towns in many regional parts of NSW, by traveling to regional and rural communities that brings money to the local towns.

The Meeting was a good one, with many questions asked by many people that were present, it clearly showed that more work needs to be done on a number of issues eg Great Lakes and McBrides areas as well as NSW NP's, the more we continue to work together, the better outcomes we will have.

Of course, National Park access is a huge issue and one that the SFF has been working on for a number of years, with the support and assistance of 4WD NSW & ACT. This working effort must continue into the future to ensure we all can continue to do what we like and to visit National Parks and State Forests.

Helping regional economies is very important.

The SFFP would like to thank 4WD NSW & ACT for putting this important meeting together, and for all that attended the Meeting.


Peter Chambers & Gillian Pritchard

4WD Branch