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Still to Add

Hi Clubs,

There is still so much that I wanted to do, but it's better to have it up without these things that wait for me to "finish". Websites are never really finished they are ever evolving. The things in this list will be added over the next few months. Some of it is important and timely and some if it's not. I will put it up/create it in no particular order. If you want something up first, or want something that's not on this list please use the feedback form in the "members only" section to tell me.  It's your website so don't hold back.

The rest of the clubs when they send in their Info forms !!!!!! they will be added to the Find a club, and the map section

Still waiting on about 20 clubs. If you club is not on the list on this site then we don't have your form. If you are on the list and don't have log in details your secretary hasn't activated your club profile yet, the invitation has been sent but it's probably in their junk/spam folder- get them to check there if they say they don't have it.

Trip Sign In Sheets - Ron Owen

Update about John Wheeler


links to Clever Club Products for the free name badges, business cards and subsidised apparel for the Committee of 4WD NSW ACT INC. To avoid any confusion on this item, Clever donates the badges and business cards to Exec Committee and any subcommittee of the Association. Club committees are NOT subcommittees of the association. Sorry guys, but while this support does benefit you (by reducing Association expenses) it is not available to clubs. 

4wd adventure handbook and Events Calendar

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