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The Coolah Logo - Explained

Coolah - Coolah was selected for this project as they have been hit incredibly hard by the current drought. Prior to the drought’s beginning, a bushfire tore through the area, leaving a bareness behind that has only been exacerbated by the dry weather. This font was chosen as it looks like it has been carved into the stump, showing that the town itself is a permanent feature in the landscape, as well as in the minds and hearts of the membership.

Association Logo - Placed in partnership with the Coolah stump to represent the membership and their support of the town.

Tree Stump - The symbol on the “Welcome to Coolah” sign is a double black stump. It seemed appropriate to use this to represent the town. The colour was changed to a more natural colour to resemble growth and life.

Spray of leaves - An addition to the Coolah stump. The new growth is a symbol of the hope and regeneration that the Association wishes to bring the town.

Banner - Used to unite two entities and create an atmosphere of togetherness and mateship.

Adopt a Town - These specific words were chosen to express a desire to continue the support shown after the main event by holding meetings in the town and driving members towards the area for years to come. Essentially that we will not forget or abandon Coolah.

Growing Together - Similar to the “Adopt a Town” reasoning in that we hope to build a relationship where we work together to foster growth and a positive future for all involved.


This logo was designed by

 This logo was designed by