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Trip Ratings

Here is the answer to the commonly asked question on "Trip Grading"...

A - Extremely Hard - Damage to body work is very likely. Winch is required.              .

B - Hard - Relatively high risk of damage to vehicle body work. Minimum of one winch require in convoy.                  .

C - Medium - Limited risk of damage to body work. Engagement of 4WD low range will be required.
(this is the grade that we suggest for training.)

D - Easy - Virtually no risk of damage to vehicle. Easy 4WDing and/or high speed dirt roads.

S - Introductory - Designed for new members who have not done the 4WD driver awareness course.                           .

E - Touring - Engagement of 4WD is unlikely during the trip.

For more information about 4WD training contact your club Trainer or Secretary.

Most clubs offer training to its members, advanced training is also offered through our association.