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Turon NP / Gardens of Stone NP

This route loops from Lithgow to Lithgow via Sunny Corner State Forest, Turon National Park, Capertee, Pearsons Lookout, Ben Bullen, Gardens of Stone National Park, and Newnes which is in Wollemi National Park.

There are no timings for this lengthy route which would take more than a weekend to see all the sights.

The Links below contain all the Headlines esp. Facilities, Things to do nearby, Contact Info and Photos etc. 

Turon National Park

Another way to get to Turon National Park is to turn off the Great Western Highway at Kirkconnell and head towards Sunny Corner. There is a campsite at Mary’s Park (no facilities) or at the Arboretum nearby (no facilities).

Follow Daylight Creek Road, which is 1.1Km from the junction of Bathurst St and Dark Corner Road at Sunny Corner, to the end; turn left and cross Daylight Creek and ascend the ridge to Blackbutt Mountain Trail. Turn right and follow this trail which crosses Dark Corner Creek and ascends the ridge. Turn left at Dark Corner Mountain Trail which will take you to Dark Corner Mountain (1196m). Travel North and turn right onto The Pinnacle Firetrail: at The Pinnacle which can be climbed, is a nice stop for a cuppa; all the way to the Turon National Park Boundary where there is a gate. After closing the gate, the first campsite is Woolshed Flat (no facilities), suitable for large groups, or proceed along the Turon River to The Diggings another large campsite (no facilities).

Within the Park there are 4 Fire trails:  High Top; Turon River Road; Lochaber Creek Road; and Bar Ridge. All 4 end at the Park Boundary with a locked gate.

From The Diggings take Lochaber Creek Road and turn right onto Lochaber Road which ascends the ridge, passes under the 330kV powerline and heads North until it meets Upper Turon Road where a right turn will meet the Castlereagh Highway; a left turn will follow the Turon River to Sofala.

At the Castlereagh Highway, turn right towards Capertee where there is a hotel, a café and fuel and a large parking area with a picnic table under a shelter, and a Public Toilet.

From Capertee take the highway South, and after about 2.5 km there is a small parking-area and walk to Pearsons Lookout with views into the Capertee Valley. It is best to arrive in the afternoon with the Sun behind you, for clear views and clear photos.

Surrounded by the wonders of the World Heritage Listed wilderness, the Capertee Valley is the world's second largest canyon. That means we have the second biggest geological marvel in the world right here in the Central West region of NSW. This is our back yard so forget the Grand Canyon our Capertee Valley is 1 kilometre wider than the Grand Canyon, but not quite as deep.

Continuing South, at Ben Bullen the Highway zig-zags across the Railway Line. Immediately after the zag, take Hutchinson Road which runs North and at the locked gate, turn right onto Moffits Trail which proceeds through the Gardens of Stone National Park to a camping ground at Baal Bone Gap (no facilities): a short drive to the North goes to the actual Gap with views to Pantoneys Crown.

From the campsite take the left-hand track, The Bicentennial National Trail which travels through interesting sites. Where the trail steepens it may be impassable due to the trail being chopped-up: a decision of whether to return or to proceed needs to be taken here.

The trail ascends to, and follows, the plateau with views into the Wolgan Valley and eventually descends to the Wolgan Road, where a right turn goes to Lidsdale and Lithgow, and a left turn goes to Newnes with a campground and the Historic Shale-Oil Factory.


Turon National park

Gardens of Stone National Park