Jamboree website has been renamed to benefits.4wdnow.com

Under the Stars 4WD Club Inc.

Post Address:  28 Lucas Ave, Moorebank, NSW,  2170

Contact Number: 0458 612 226

Contact E-mail: sdeluca@bigpond.net.au

President:  Anthony Charadia  acharadia@optusnet.com.au

Secretary: Sandy Deluca sdeluca@bigpond.net.au

Treasurer: Simon Spicer simonspicer@optusnet.com.au


Anthony Charadia acharadia@optusnet.com.au

Sandy Deluca sdeluca@bigpond.net.au

Meeting Place:  28 Lucas Ave Moorebank at 7pm, 3rd Saturday.

The club caters to all. Touring trips and with easy 4wdriving. Camping and hard  4wdriving. We have a big trip at least once a year. New members are welcome and membership is open to all. Come to a meeting and see if we are right for you.