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What communication equipment should we use ?

Whether you’re a Club or a couple of friends wanting to head out for a 4WD trip, it's important that you ensure every vehicle is equipped with the proper communication gear before the trip starts. 4WD NSW & ACT, Inc recommend the use of UHF (Ultra High Frequency) vehicle mounted or handheld radios for all vehicles participating in a trip.

Depending on the terrain you will be traveling through, these radios have a limited range and it is important the limitations are understood both by the operator and the trip leader.

Check the Owners Manual for important information regarding the range limitations particular to your brand of UHF radio.

Long distance 4WD trips will require a HF (High Frequency) radio or Satellite phone in order to hail someone in need. HF radios have been known to save stranded tourists lives in the desert.

There are national radio groups made up of individual members, such as VKS-737, who monitors HF communications and are there to assist in need.

The Royal Flying Doctor service also is available via HF. Ensure you know how to contact them in need.

Regardless of the radio you use, it is important to keep to common trip rules. Keep all vehicles on the trip in sight of the vehicle directly ahead of it; keep in communication with all vehicles at all times; and never allow a vehicle on your trip to leave the trip unless the trip leader is aware of it and knows where they are going and when they will be getting there.