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Black Diamond 4WD Club - Bush Fire Relief Run to Nerriga






On Saturday 11th January 2020, a convoy of 7 cars from the Black Diamond Recreational 4wd Club inc. took much needed supplies to the Nerriga Community Progress Hall for the permanent residents that have lost their homes.

After many conversations with the community progress hall committee, we were able to target the items that the devastated residents were in most need of, specifically cooking equipment, crockery, cutlery and storage containers.

Since power has not been restored to the area, gas cooking equipment was of the premium.

Our members and friends of members were very generous in their donations and all donations were useful items at this time. The needs of the homeless residents of Nerriga will change as they rebuild their lives and homes and we will remain in contact and continue to help out with whatever they need in the future.

Our club is also planning many future trips to Nerriga to stay on our club property and help out the members of the community with vehicle power and a workforce of willing club members to assist in any way we can.

Nerriga faced 3 onslaughts from the monster fires over several days. The fires just continued to change direction and return again and again.

To date (13th January 2020) they are still not out of danger from further fire activity in their area and they have so far lost in excess of 20 permanent residents in the Nerriga and Sassafras area.

The residents of Nerriga have banded together (as Aussies do) with the pub at Nerriga and its publicans Phil and Sarah Martin playing a major role in rebuilding the community. Phil and Sarah and the Progress Hall Committee along with other dedicated residents of Nerriga are organizing stock feed and donations to be distributed where needed and are all helping each other out as neighbours.